The Gold Coast Difference

Experience and Expertise 
With over 30 years experience in the financial services industry, John Carrig has the ability to work with people from all different financial backgrounds. Having lived many different “financial lives,” John knows what works and what doesn’t work. Experience is priceless in an arena dominated by investors and advisors who have never experienced a recession or a “Bear Market.” John holds a rare combination of professional designations: He is both a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and a Chartered Financial Analyst® (see Why Work with a CFP® and Why Use a CFA®).

Independence and Flexibility 
Gold Coast is not affiliated with any bank, brokerage firm or insurance company. As a Fee-Only planner, John works solely for his clients. He does not sell products, nor does he receive any commissions or third-party referral fees. This allows clients of Gold Coast Financial Planning to receive objective, unbiased advice. Services are provided on an Hourly As-Needed or ongoing retainer basis, whichever is more appropriate for the client. You pay us for the actual work – from small questions to big projects. Some of our clients have a “check up” with us once a year like they do with a doctor or dentist. Others utilize our services more routinely throughout the year for investment performance monitoring and financial planning updates. You choose the services you need and want. You pay for only the services you choose. An estimate of fees is given to all clients before committing to any services.

John is a member of The Garrett Planning Network, Inc. (GPN), a nationwide network of Fee-Only financial planners dedicated to providing unbiased financial advice to people of all income levels and net worth.GPN’s unique systems and special network of support affords John instant access to the knowledge and experience of over 240 like-minded financial advisors and allied industry professionals.Our clients benefit tremendously from this collective expertise and experience in all areas of financial planning and advice.